Our History

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Stylized polaroid-style pictures of moments in Fury Trucks' history




Our roots stretch back to the beginning of “modern” skateboarding. We began making trucks 2 years after the first X-Games in Huntington Beach California, and countless pros have relied on our trucks ever since.

Picture of a Plymouth Fury


Fury Trucks were named after the Plymouth Fury, a true classic. Just as our namesake continues to define American muscle cars, Fury Trucks continues to define professional skateboarding performance.

Picture of Tony Hawk doing a 900Picture of Tony Hawk doing a 900


Tony Hawk landing the first 900 on Furys in 1999.

Picture of Danny Wainwright about to do an olliePicture of Danny Wainwright about to do an ollie


Danny Wainwright setting the highest ollie record in 2000 – a record that would stand until 2018 – riding Fury’s.