Fury Raw

The next generation

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A classic, re-designed

for an even better experience

Picture of an exploded diagram with details about what is new in the raw truck

Lasts longer

The Fury Raws now feature a thicker baseplate, making it more durable than ever before. So you can do the craziest skateboard tricks again, and again, and again.

Light as feather, without compromise.

To compensate for the thicker baseplate, we introduced a new hollow kingpin and shorter hanger design to keep it ultralight — without compromising strength.

Precision turning

The medium hardness bushing is tailored for the average rider, providing precision turning at every corner.

Grinds like butter!

Our trucks are well known for a very smooth grinding experience on various surfaces.

Light as feather

Light on weight, heavy on performance

Most common truck


Industry average


Fury Raw



Lighter than the most common truck

The Fury Raw only weighs 336g, which is 12.0% lighter than the most common truck in the market. So whether you’re on the half pipe or doing ollies, they won’t drag you down.

Aim. Turn. Done.

Let's turn to Fury Trucks' turning capabilities

Picture of a label saying 90A durometer bushingsOur trucks use high-quality medium hardness bushings which allows you to turn with precision. The result is great turning, ensuring you get to where you aim.

The Fury Pantheon

Get to know our history

Pictures of people using skateboards with Fury Trucks in polaroid style

Our roots stretch back to the beginning of “modern” skateboarding. We began making trucks 2 years after the first X-Games in Huntington Beach California, and countless pros have relied on our trucks ever since.

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for the rest of your life.

Picture of a red seal saying 'Time-tested, rider approved. Fury Truck Co.'
We are so confident in the quality of our products, that we don’t provide just a 1 year guarantee, or a 2 or even a 5 year guarantee,

We guarantee it forever. Yep, you read that right.

Join the Fury Tribe

You have to feel it to believe it.

A gallery with images of people riding skateboards with a Fury Truck. A.K.A The Fury Tribe.
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Explore the world of Fury,
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